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Traditional Seeds

Farmers practicing rainfed farming suffers from availability of good quality seed at right time. On one hand ill practices of on farm seed selection and introduction of hybrids and improved varieties has deteriorated the local seed stock. On other hand introduction of flux of outside seeds have not helped increasing sustainability of rainfed farming. Satvik is working on in-situ conservation and improvement of traditional rainfed seed and working on achieving seed security at village level by using identified traditional seeds. Satvik is perusing following strategy.

  • Identification and collection of traditional seeds of rainfed crops in Kachchh district.
  • Evaluation trial across Kachchh district to understand its characters and performance.
  • Training of seed breeding farmers for improving and maintaining purity of their traditional seed stock.
  • Organizing farmer in the villages for seed security.
  • Participatory variety selection from selected traditional seeds for performance and preference evaluation.
  • Organizing seed production, storage and distribution system at village level.



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